Increasing Efficiency and Safety in Ram Shearing

Rambusters’ mobile ram shearing setup makes it easy for us to travel to your farm to shear your terminal sires or crossbred rams and ewes.

The truck platform which replaced the old trailer gives more space to work, and we have improved the lead-up and exit ramps to improve access for both sheep and workers.

Photo of Rambusters ram shearing truck with Woolly Poll Dorset rams in lead-up race.

Covers over the lead-up race improve safety by making it impossible for rams to try to jump out


We are constantly updating and redesigning the way we work to increase efficiency and safety for both our workers and your sheep. We have recently improved the way the sheep approach the cradle, making it easier and more efficient to load the cradle, which also reduces stress on the sheep.

The Peak Hill ShearyEzy cradle has not escaped our modifications, and it can handle the biggest and bulkiest rams and ewes. We have installed a chain which secures the ram’s head on the shearing cradle, which makes it harder for large rams to struggle. It is safer for handlers, and allows an assistant with a handpiece to clean up the wool on the ram’s head.

The improved canopy over the ram shearing platform makes working in the sun or in drizzle more comfortable for the operators. Previously early morning and late afternoon sun was a nuisance, but the new canopy extends down lower, making it a much more pleasant environment.

The next job is installing LED lights under the canopy to increase visibility in low light conditions. Watch this space…

photo of ram lying in rambusters shearing cradle with a chain over its neck for safety.

One recent improvement in safety is the chain to secure the ram’s head.

An assistant with a handpiece can clean up wool on the ram's head

An assistant with a handpiece can clean up wool on the ram’s head

Photo of large cleanly shorn Poll Dorset ram walking away from a ramp

Rams safely exit the Rambusters shearing platform via exit ramps