Ram Shearing Safety

141219-3951_proofHandling sheep can cause a variety of manual injuries, ranging from strains and sprains through to broken bones. Shearing safety has long been a concern of ram shearers. As one contractor has said, even charging huge fees for ram shearing over the board is not worth it for all the risk he and his shearers take. As far back as 2004 the AMU was calling for large rams (over 75kg) to be sedated before shearing. For OHS reasons, sedation of all sheep over 75kg before shearing has become a standard request by shearers. But sedation of rams brings its own risks, both to the operator and to the ram. There are many issues with dispensing and the use of sedatives which must be addressed to protect owners, the dispensing veterinarian, and to ensure animal health and welfare issues are met. The rams after sedation must be handled carefully until the drugs have worn of, which can be up to four hours.

photo of the Peak Hill Industries ShearEzy cradle

The Peak Hill Industries Ezy Shear cradle enables crossbred rams to be shorn safely and quickly, with little stress to the animal or shearer.

Rambusters takes all of the concerns and risks of ram sedation away, by offering a safe and stress-free environment for shearing rams. The rams do not have to be off pasture overnight; they can simply walk straight into the yards and onto the cradle to be shorn. No drugs for farmers to sign for or vets to dispense. No groggy rams to mollycoddle after shearing. Rambusters creates a safe environment for shearing your crossbred rams.

Photo of ram with restraints around ankles and pressure on its tail.

The crossbred ram is comfortably restrained during shearing.

Colin Clarke has shorn rams over the board, and now he shears rams with the ShearEzy machine. He is a clean and efficient operator, and promotes the Peak Hill Industries ShearEzy machine for all crossbred ram shearing in an effort to avoid injuries to shearers.

The Peak Hill Industries ShearEzy cradle enables crossbred rams to be shorn safely and quickly, with little stress to the animal or shearer. There is no dragging or lifting required to get the rams into the cradle, and the ram is turned by the machine. Simple and safe restraints hold the ram so that it cannot escape or kick the operator. Large crossbred rams can be shorn safely and with no stress to the ram or the shearer.